Veteran jobs with friendly employers

When your time in the military is over, you may sit and wonder if you will have another way to earn a decent living. Well, there much you can do when you are out of the military because apart from your skills, your military discipline and experience is a requirement that many employers need. Employers know that veterans are hardworking and nothing is particularly hard for them. 

If you are skilled, you will get better-paying jobs and high positions in the civilian jobs and actually, you may have a better experience and probably a better life than you had in the military. If you don’t have exemplary skills, you will also land a job because your military reputation will precede you. So you don’t have to worry about landing a job after your time in the military many veteran-friendly employers are looking to hire veterans after their service in the military. Discussed below are opportunities for military veterans, military spouses, and the overall military community.

Veteran jobs with friendly employers

Allied Barton security services. The security industry is an ideal place for a veteran soldier who does not want to stay idle. The toughness, professionalism, skills, and experience acquired in the military will come in handy in this field.

AECOM. AECOM is a multinational engineering firm that provides construction, consulting, design, and consulting services to NASA, the department of defense, the department of homeland security among many others. Here you are likely to be hired because your military skills will be highly needed.

AMAZON. This popular online retailer seeks to employ veterans who are transitioning to join civilian life or have been out of the military for a while. Here you don’t have to worry about your skills because there is a role for those with and those without skills. If you would like to partner with Amazon, they are offering $ 10,000 reimbursements to qualified candidates for them to build their Amazon delivery service partner businesses. You can apply at

AT$T. AT$T seeks to hire the best talent. And by what they require nobody would have the talent they need better than a retired veteran.

BNSF Railway. BNSF Railway has opportunities for transitioning veterans, retired veterans, and members of the national guard and reserves a chance to work with them. At BNSF railway there is much that the abilities of veterans can benefit them and so they will be ready to hire you.

The Boeing company.  Veterans with innovative military skills have the opportunity to work with Boeing. Boeing is committed to helping veterans continue to put their skills to meaningful use. At Boeing, they are offering veterans a chance to get the necessary aerospace manufacturing jobs they have to offer.

Chase. JP Morgan Chase has an established military recruiting team that focuses on solely hiring military veterans and military spouses according to their relevant skills and abilities.

Capital One. Capital one provides careers for veterans and military families. Here they have opportunities for veteran and military families hence making sure that veterans and military spouses with the required skills are given the highest priority. 

DXC Technology. DXC technology hires wounded warriors, military spouses, and veterans with disabilities. They not only recruit them to serve but they also help to transition veterans with the much-required one-on-one help.

Federal jobs. Federal Jobs is a site that is specifically made for veterans and transitioning service members who seek federal job opportunities. Here qualified veterans are assured of decent jobs where they will fully utilize their relevant skills.

Edward Jones. Ata Edward jones veterans don’t need any prior financial experience. In fact, their forces program targets veterans without a financial services background but have the relevant skills and competence that they need.

Home Depot. Home Depot joined with the department of defense and Labor and Veterans Affairs to offer career opportunities to veterans from the United States military. Here veterans are most likely to get a decent job that suits their abilities where they can continue being of service to the country.

Google. You may be surprised by this, but yes, google has a place for veterans. Google believes that veterans can deliver exceptionally and therefore they offer veterans an opportunity to put their military skills and experience by working at Google.

General electric. General electric recognizes the loyalty, integrity, leadership, and commitment to excellence that is instilled in veterans through their course of time in the military. They are eager to hire veterans because such are the qualities that need for general electric to continue being the great company that it is.

Flour. Flour offers veterans an opportunity to apply for their challenging career opportunities where military skills, experience, and discipline are perfectly suited.

Fedex. Fedex is committed to easing the transition of a veteran into corporate life by making it effective, simple, and enjoyable through their technology that helps in making the hiring of veterans more effective.

Coca-cola. Coca-cola is looking for veterans with military experience to work for them.

Walmart. Through their welcome home commitment, Walmart has hired more than 40,000 veterans in one year and they are committed to keeping hiring veterans who are honorably discharged from the military.

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